About Dextail

At Dextail we are experts in the design, construction and assembly of stands. We look for excellence in our service to fulfil our clients’ expectations.

Our commitment to meet their needs and wishes and the care we take over the small details guarantee the successful outcome of our work. Having an efficient international network of partners allows us to provide stands in other countries. We have a team of professional experts who work with our clients throughout the development of the project. Hence our motto: “We stand together”


Dextail is a brand that specialises in the design, manufacture and assembly of stands. It was created by the Publiverd Group.

“Dextail” stands for attention to detail, tailored projects, and the world of expos or exhibitions. Therefore, our commercial brand communicates attention to detail and the adaptability of the brand to each project, as well as our commitment to quality and professionalism.

We bring knowledge that we have built up over 25+ years, working with our clients in the world of exhibitions and events.

We have a team of people who combine talent and experience and work on every detail to guarantee the highest level of quality in all our processes. We offer the best solutions based on creativity and innovation. We have our own design and production departments, as well as a dedicated R&D team that develops the best solutions for each client. Additionally, we have a computerized management system that helps us optimize our processes, resulting in a quality service for our customers. Our aim is for our clients to be happy and make their dreams come true: successfully presenting their products, entering a new exhibition space or creating the best place to meet their clients through a tailored service. We create visually impressive spaces with high-quality finishes. Each project is a dream come true that allows us to grow together.

Our Team

Our team is made up of professionals from the exhibition sector with experience, language skills and a desire for each project to be one of a kind. We have a lot of experience in the sector and our clients have access to a team of people who will work with them throughout the project. From marketing to production, commercial and design, we make sure everything is place for a perfect stand and the operations team is ready to make it a reality.


At Dextail we specialise in the design, construction and assembly of all kinds of stands for exhibitions, congresses and events, providing a high visual impact and high-quality finishes.

We listen to our clients and advise them, offering the most innovative solutions in the sector to help them succeed at their exhibitions. We use cutting-edge technology to create a memorable image of our clients, and our experience of over 25 years gives us great flexibility and the ability to react to all kinds of unexpected circumstances.

The “Dextail” method

We understand what you need: We find out our client’s needs.
We advise and follow-up: we know the exhibition sector as well as anyone and have one commitment: our clients’ success is our satisfaction.
We are creative: we provide a free design proposal and a tailored estimate.
We take care of everything a stand needs, including graphic and structural elements and furniture.
We assemble the stand: we prepare everything needed for the fair to be a success for our client.
We provide custom attention during the exhibition through a Dextail representative and support from our professionals.
Feedback: at the end of the event, we want to know how it went and how we can improve next time.

We are dextail, a new brand that has emerged from “Grupo Publiverd”. We have the illusion, talent and the experience of our team and we are focused on creativity and innovation to take care of every detail to guarantee the quality of all work processes.

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