• Next Exhibition · June 3rd - 7th of 2024
  • Frequency · Bienal
  • Visitors · 42000
  • Exhibitors · 1751
  • Venues · Bilbao Exhibition Centre

The Bienal Española de Máquina Herramienta (BIEMH) is held at the Bilbao Exhibition Centre every two years. It brings together mainly machinery and tools exhibitors, but also exhibitors bringing accessories, components, robots and automated systems, industrial software, metrology and quality control. It is a place to see more advanced solutions, regardless of the size of the machine because there is a lot of available space.
In addition to working demonstrations at exhibition stands, it is also a place for exchanging opinions, commercial contacts and business opportunities. The BIEMH has carved out a space for itself in the industrial exhibition calendar in Spain, but also internationally, as business leaders present their proposals for the future, showing that technological innovation is the way forward.
The conference program includes cybersecurity, big data, IoT, virtual reality, and more. There are meetings and debates designed to attract managers, owners, directors and department leaders in the automotive sector, aeronautics, railway, energy, metallurgy, steel, etc. BIEMH is also a place for discussions and starting to negotiate contracts.

Pavilion 4.0, towards the 4.0 revolution

BIEMH is the biggest exhibition on advanced manufacturing in the country. At the same time, Pavilion 4.0 hosts other events that place Bilbao at the centre of process digitisation. On one hand, BeDIGITAL is focused on the industrial application of digital technologies to improve turnover and optimise costs. On the other hand, ADDIT3D focuses on additive manufacturing and 3D printing. In addition, the Industrial Maintenance Innovation Conference (IMIC) is held, on maintenance of the different technological dimensions of Industry 4.0, and the WORKINN employment forum, which brings together companies searching for talent with professionals and students in the sector.

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