Fruit Logistica

  • Next Exhibition · February 5th - 7th of 2020
  • Frequency · Anual
  • Visitors · 78000
  • Exhibitors · 3200
  • Venues · Messe Berlin

The FRUIT LOGISTICA exhibition is held every year at Messe Berlin in February to present new developments in the fruit and vegetable sector. Across 3 days, there are different events for sharing ideas (at the FRUITNET WORLD OF FRESH IDEAS), discussing current events that apply to professional fruit and vegetable growers (at the Fresh Produce Forum) and finding the best talent (at the FRUIT LOGISTICA Career Network).
The areas of interest are focused mainly on fresh fruit and vegetables, but at FRUIT LOGISTICA there is also opportunity to talk about packaging, machinery, frozen produce, storage, waste management and logistics (especially at the Logistics Hub). It is also a place to discover new trends that drive consumption in this market, such as the relationship between health and eating, seasonal produce, environmental impact or where products are sourced.
It is an exhibition with international participants. Both visitors and exhibitors come from the European Union and its area of influence, as well as Latin America, the Middle East and Africa. This is an opportunity for export, according to each country’s interest in fresh produce.
At FRUIT LOGISTICA an award is given for innovation, be it products, services, or technical innovations. Uniquely, it is visitors to the exhibition who vote on the different exhibitors. Participants in the FLIA (FRUIT LOGISTICA Innovation Award) have a special space in the exhibition to show off their products and take part in a ceremony that is open to the general public.

FRUIT LOGISTICA around the world

As well as Europe, the FRUIT LOGISTICA exhibition is held in Shanghai (CHINA FRUIT LOGISTICA) and Hong Kong (ASIA FRUIT LOGISTICA). This provides more opportunities to contact international suppliers and negotiate with them to expand the market.

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