ITB Berlin

  • Next Exhibition · March 4th - 8th of 2020
  • Venues · Messe Berlin

The ITB exhibition has been held at Messe Berlin since 1966. The best-known tourism hall in the world, where the general public and professionals get together. Tour operators, travel agencies, hotel groups and tourism associations show off what they have for 5 days. It is a great opportunity to learn about new developments from the competition.
ITB Berlin is a good place for making new contacts in the tourism sector, as well as maintaining relationships with current clients. It is also a way for companies to present themselves to the world as leading companies by participating in an exhibition with such a good reputation. This can lead to direct business with visitors as well as attract future investors.
Tourist travel is the main focus of ITB Berlin, followed by adventure travel, cruises, and educational and health travel. There is also room for luxury and family tourism, such that visitors can find the supplier they are looking for to organise their next holidays in any part of the world.
The ITB and eTravel World area is dedicated to new technologies applied to the tourism sector, with demos from new companies and the hotel industry, for example, for managing reservations.
The ITB Berlin Convention organises a series of talks to discuss current issues in the tourism industry, analyse future challenges, and share best practices with participating companies. Different topics are addressed such as the impact of tourism on climate change, the future of mobility or how to use technology to combat mass tourism.

ITB around the world

As well as Berlin, the ITB tourism exhibition is held in Singapore (ITB Asia), Shanghai (ITB China) and Mumbai (ITB India). The organisation therefore wants to create a network between different tourism markets and provide a technical service to exhibitors and visitors from all over the world.

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