Bilbao Exhibition Centre

  • Address · Azkue Kalea, 1 48902 Barakaldo Bizkaia
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The Bilbao Exhibition Centre BEC! is located in Barakaldo, just 8 km from Bilbao. It has 6 halls, including the Bizkaia Arena, which can be used for all kinds of product presentations.

Transport and access points

Bilbao airport is connected to the city centre via the A3247 bus service. From there, the journey to Barakaldo can be done on line 2 of the metro, bus 3136 or by train.

Hotels and accommodation

The Puerta De Bilbao Hotel is the closest to the BEC! This four-star hotel guarantees quick access to the venue, though you can also stay in Bilbao close to the metro.

Logo Dextail

Advantages of working with Dextail at the Bilbao Exhibition Centre

We have over 25 years of experience, that is, we were designing stands before BEC! started in 2004. We have taken part in different exhibitions that take place in Bilbao, and we have discovered the best way to make the most of this space to build stands for our clients.
Bilbao Exhibition center

    We prepare an estimate and proposed design for free.

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