Publiverd launches new corporate website

1 July, 2016

Publiverd launches new corporate website

This month of July 2016 Publiverd launches its new web page. Almost a year ago Publiverd decided to give a new twist to its corporate image and bet on a brand image according to their values and philosophy of the company.

From blue to red

Red is the color of the force and the passion, this is the one that best defines the more than 50 professionals that are part of this company. After more than twenty years working with the blue color, Publiverd has seen that the definition of tranquility has no place in the company.

The passion for a job well done and the constant search for excellence in each one of its projects are transmitted in heart form, a heart that accompanies the pack of Publiverd wherever they go.

From static to dynamic

Times are changing, as our way of communicating. Publiverd is an alive and flexible company whose value wants to transmit through different elements of their web page.

Among many more details, the user may consult at any time the number of fairs, see the valuation of customers, real testimonials and booths made till the date. Moreover, the articles of the blog will be updated automatically in order to keep the user informed at all times of the latest trends, the present and the best tips of the sector.


From the unidirectional communication to the bidirectional


Through testimonials, the new strategy on social media and the new corporate blog, Publiverd creates a new community which welcomes from designers to the main competitors of the company to be in contact at all times with them.

Publiverd believes in the constant improvement, and to achieve the maximum satisfaction of the customers must give utmost importance to the comments and the views of each and every one of the people around them. It is for this reason that Publiverd bet for listening and put within the reach of everybody the opinion of their audiences.

From the bank images to our own stock

A picture is worth more than a thousand words. Publiverd is visual communication and it is through their own images that they are looking for the persuasion of each and every one of their potential customers.

The best smiles are from the pack of Publiverd and using images of the original team, of the new facilities and the stands built, the company is able to be defined by itself.

From the images examples to success cases

It’s better little and developed that much and simple. With the new success stories, Publiverd explains the complexity of different projects with the different characteristics of each one.

Each project is different, with their customized elements which distinguish the booth from the others and make it unique.

success-storyWorkers gain strength

Publiverd attaches importance to the members of his team. They are who hardwork every day to achieve the best results in each project. It is for this reason that one of the sections of the new website is dedicated to presenting the Publiverd pack. Thus, the whole world can meet each of the people involved in the process of creating his booth.

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