Discover VISUAND

25 May, 2022

Discover VISUAND

The Visuand line of stands achieve a high visual impact. They are stands where the image is the protagonist. They take advantage of the full potential of the latest large-format printing technology on fabric to reproduce high-definition images, which stand out thanks to their full LED backlighting system. It is fully configurable, and can capture a simple image or reproduce an infinite number of textures and spaces that reflect the identity of your brand.


100% Image: Visuand is a firm defender of the saying “An image is worth a thousand words”, and thanks to this type of stands they manage to create a great visual impact by presenting all kinds of images in large format.
100% Texture: The Visuand system allows you to recreate different textures with a totally realistic effect. With Visuand you can create unique spaces that will make your brand be remembered.
100% Lighting: We know that light has a great power of attraction and captures the attention of more visitors. All Visuand panels have the facility to backlight walls, fabrics, raised…
100% Customizable: The design of the stands (both the images and the structure) is fully customizable and unique, so it is always a safe bet to guarantee originality compared to other stands. In addition, it allows you to adapt any element such as showcases, shelves, furniture… to complete your space. With Visuand, there are no limits.

Visuand’s official designers are experts in bringing out the full potential of this product, creating immersive atmospheres that capture the attention of visitors. In the Visuand showroom you can see some of the infinite modalities that this type of stands allows. In this space they play with the recreation of spaces and textures such as floors and walls that recreate brick, stone or wood, as well as hyper-realistic details such as images of paintings or shelves.


100% Quality and innovation: Visuand technology is always up to date and has been innovating for 3 years, always worrying about offering the best product.
100% Plug & Play: Another key aspect of Visuand is its concern for the installation process of the stands. Its technology makes assembly quick and easy, seeking maximum efficiency and the guaranteed success of the installation.


The Visuand team is committed to the environment and sustainability, and is concerned with making its stands the most sustainable option.

Events such as fairs and congresses are activities that generate a large amount of waste and these are generally incinerated or dumped in controlled deposits. Few companies are responsible for reducing, reusing or recycling these materials and waste once the event is over.

Visuand represents a different way of making stands and they take care of every detail of the stand’s life cycle, from design to dismantling, to reduce the environmental impact.

Materials: All Visuand fabrics have the Greenguard Gold certificate thanks to the fact that they work with “green print” inks, free of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). This ensures that the Visuand material does not pollute the atmosphere and that they guarantee safety and good air quality. Regarding the structures, they are metallic and reusable.
Logistics: The Visuand material delivery system is more efficient than that of traditional stands, since it is transported disassembled and in drawers, thus reducing the number of trips and the carbon footprint significantly.
Assembly: Visuand technology has developed a product that is easy to assemble, so a large team of installers traveling to the premises is not needed.
Collection: After the easy dismantling of the stand, Visuand is in charge of the complete collection of its configurable structures, which are reused in the circular economy.

The Visuand production system provides a high sustainable value and is the perfect ally to reduce the negative impact of your company during fairs and corporate events.


During a fair or congress, the stands are the presentation letter of the entities and it is the way to attract potential clients. The objective is to transmit the philosophy of the company and the products or services it offers. For this, design plays a crucial role since it has been shown that visitors increasingly value a clear, attractive and marked aesthetic. Nowadays it is vital to take care of the design of the stands to stand out from the competition and from the rest of the exhibitors.

Visuand stands are perfect for this as they achieve a totally personalized and unique aesthetic. These are some examples of Visuand stands that our clients have used to generate a brand impact in recognized national and international fairs and congresses.


Visuand is a consolidated product that has partners that assure a great production capacity and professional quality. Without a large investment, Visuand users reduce expenses and waste thanks to its technology and efficient management.

If you are looking for a sustainable and intelligent solution for your next stand, contact us and find out more about the Visuand stand line and its designers.

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