A complex Stand

Labialfarma’s stand for the Vitafood exhibition was a challenge of coordination and execution for Dextail’s team. In this case, various circumstances that increased the level of complexity were added to the normal challenges we face. For starters, the stand had been designed by a company that did not specialise in stands, which tends to translate to an especially complex design to achieve, as was the case here.
However, the project approval date (just 2 weeks before the exhibition) did not allow time for a redesign, and we had to work with the approved design. Working to a really tight deadline, we had to manage the construction and creation of specific elements, transport them to Geneva, and assemble the stand in record time.

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Part of the challenge of the stand involved elements of the construction, which had to be ready in a very short amount of time. The plexiglass parts had to be made by hand; the fibreglass components had to be painted by hand; the complicated aluminium structures had to be made in Germany to reduce the cost of transportation to the exhibition (in Geneva, Switzerland); and the printed and laminated vinyl that covered the backlit floor were produced at our premises and transported by plane to be installed in the stand.

The client’s satisfaction at Dextail’s ability to act quickly and adapt to unforeseen circumstances made all the effort invested into the stand worth it.

We prepare an estimate and proposed design for free.

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