• Next Exhibition · November 28 - 30st of 2023
  • Frequency · Anual
  • Visitors · 15.000
  • Exhibitors · 2.800
  • Venues · Fira de Barcelona

IBTM World is held every year at Fira de Barcelona to connect event organises around the world with their potential clients. Lasting 3 days, it is one of the few specialist exhibitions in Europe on event and meeting tourism.

IBTM World is banking on face-to-face conversation to close deals and therefore thousands of appointments between exhibitors and visitors are agreed. These include airlines, cruise companies, hotels and resorts, convention centres, event service companies and national tourism departments.

Visitors to the IBTM World exhibition include tourism companies, incentive agencies, event management companies, experience agencies and professional conference organisers who are looking for the best service provider for their events.

To agree appointments with Hosted Buyers, IBTM World has clear selection criteria, the type of events they organise, and also their annual budget. This way, the organisation makes sure that the meeting is fruitful for both parties. The IBTM World app can be used to manage and assess interviews for better efficiency in future.

It is an international exhibition that provides opportunities to meet potential clients from all over the world. IBTM World also puts the spotlight on exports so exhibitors can make the most of their presence there by helping them to more easily find and leave an impression on potential clients.

IBTM World around the world

The company that organises IBTM World is Reed Travel Exhibitions and it has taken this brand to other countries: IBTM China takes place in Beijing and IBTM Americas takes place in Mexico. Both events last 2 days and are new opportunities to make the business more international to find the ideal client.