Sector exhibitions

Taste is the most important sense and food exhibitions. Samples are what visitors seek most and exhibitors know that offering product tasters is the most direct way to convince future clients. This is why we created spaces that invite visitors to stop in the taste area to experience what we have to offer.
To maintain the excellent level of quality of food or drinks during the exhibition, we build stands that take into account product storage needs. Organising and optimising the exhibition space is important to display the products in the best way possible, using screens, showcases, etc. In addition, food is also enjoyed with the eyes, so we put up large photographs to attract visitors.

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We feature food products

We make the food is highlighted by the way the stand is decorated and the atmosphere we create with the lighting, always in line with the brand identity. This way the products stand out for what they are and reinforce the values of our clients.

What food exhibitions do our clients attend?

We have been making stands for food exhibitions throughout Europe for 25 years. Each one is an opportunity for us to put our knowledge to the test, just like our clients take part in the exhibitions to show off their ability to innovate in the food industry.