Sector exhibitions

The industry sector drives innovation in the country thanks to its constant investment in R&D. Heavy industry, iron and steel, automotive, aeronautical, cement, etc. Its contribution to the GDP needs to keep growing to strengthen the economy and avoid loss of jobs. That’s why industry exhibitions are the perfect way to keep employees up to date and discover new ways to optimise processes and methods.
Spaces to show off the latest machinery, interview potential clients or exchange experiences that contribute to improve quality. We make stands that meet these objectives by meeting the needs of each situation. They are eye-catching because we look after the details and don’t just create simple displays to see how machines will be in the future. The industry sector can also generate experiences involving visitors first-hand.

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At Dextail we understand the industry sector

We know that exports are a large part of the business and we always look for a way to show off our clients’ internationalisation potential with our stands. We work to make sure everything goes well and their presence at the exhibition is a resounding success.

The industrial revolution of stands

With over 25 years of experience in the design and construction of stands, we are prepared to accompany our clients to the Fourth Industrial Revolution or Industry 4.0. The future is coming to exhibitions around Europe to lead the way in the next few years.