End of the obligation to wear masks at events.

8 September, 2020

End of the obligation to wear masks at events.

Last Tuesday, April 19, 2022, the decree was approved that eliminates the mandatory use of a mask at corporate events. As published by the BOE, said obligation becomes limited to some spaces such as health centers or public transport. But what about the events?


As of April 20, 2022, the restriction that requires the use of masks at corporate events or business fairs is eliminated, under responsible use by attendees.

Therefore, regardless of the capacity for a specific event, attendees will be able to attend freely without a mask, always trying to respect voluntary use in high-traffic areas.

This affects international fairs, business forums, corporate events, festivals and shows, which lays a new foundation of tranquility regarding the pandemic that aims to revive the sector towards its natural state.

eventos sin mascarilla

Where is the mask still mandatory?

As stipulated in the new decree law… “the use of a mask is maintained in health centers, services and establishments (with the exception of people admitted when they remain in their room); in social health centers, workers and visitors when they are in shared areas; in air, rail or cable means of transport and in buses, as well as in public passenger transport, in the closed spaces of ships and boats in which it is not possible to maintain the distance of 1.5 meters, except in the cabins, when they are shared by groups of cohabitants».

Read the BOE document here

Is it necessary to wear a mask at work?

From now on, each company will be able to determine the security measures it carries out regarding the use of a mask, which is not mandatory in any case… “In the work environment, in general, the use of masks will not be mandatory. However, those responsible for occupational risk prevention, in accordance with the corresponding risk assessment of the job, may determine the appropriate preventive measures that must be implemented in the workplace or in certain spaces of the work centers.