Imago – Stands that seduce with the view, and convince with the experience.

25 August, 2017

Imago – Stands that seduce with the view, and convince with the experience.

Imago stands are a safe bet for fairs, providing endless opportunities for companies through the creation of realistic atmospheres with spectacular designs. The choice to use this system gives brands a range of possibilities where imagination is the only limit.

Imago stands will take you to any environment through the printing of textures. Transport your clients to a desert, recreate the Parc Güell trencadis or walk the Hollywood Walk of Fame; There are no limits when it comes to designing an Imago, and this has made it one of the most valued systems by European consumers.

Imago is a stand made for the customer as it offers so much for very little, providing a safe choice at an affordable price, and the possibility of reusing it in future fairs. The best support to represent the values of your brand.

For this, this system offers an endless number of possibilities with which to play to achieve the desired result:


Backlit elements with an excellent finish that will position the stand at the fair.

The elements and measures are customizable (friezes, ceilings, bridges …)

Desect a stand with planters, podiums, showcases, shelves…

High points are one of the customer’s favorite “call attention”, ideal for giving visibility to your brand.

The floor is an essential detail when creating environments in the stand; The vinyl flooring and the carpet the most faithful allies of this product.