Over 30 stands in the month of April

27 June, 2019

Over 30 stands in the month of April

During the month of April, Dextail had over 30 stands at international exhibitions. One month of a lot of work, creating daring, functional and eye-catching stands for satisfied clients who were able to promote their brands.


During this exhibition in Germany, different industrial solutions were presented, as it was the most important meeting of industry 4.0.

Publiverd designed and made great stands full of imagery for our clients, standing out in the exhibition halls for their level of quality, technology and attention to detail.

Stand ferias Publiverd


In-Cosmetics takes place every year in Spring in an important European city. This year Paris was selected to host this event, which brings all cosmetics suppliers together.

Dextail was present in over 25 stands, which stood out for their versatility, elegance and innovation, using different materials for lighting, textures, landscapes, and so on, helping our clients achieve success as exhibitors.


feria in-cosmetics stand publiverd

feria in-cosmetics stand publiverd

In-cosmetics Feria Stand publiverd

Once again Dextail was able to display a high level of professionalism and commitment towards its clients, rewarding the trust placed in it.

Are you looking for a stand for a fair or event? At Dextail we create the best meeting place with your clients! Every stand is a dream come true that allows us to grow together.