Publiverd gains logistics capacity and multiplies its services at its new corporate headquarters

18 April, 2016

Publiverd gains logistics capacity and multiplies its services at its new corporate headquarters

Publiverd has multiplied its capacities with the opening of its new corporate headquarters. The new company facilities, a building with 2,000 square metres distributed over four floors, provides the company, a leader in the design, construction, and assembly of stands in Europe, with new tools to cover the needs of its clients in various fields, and offer a more complete service.

The new logistics possibilities are particularly relevant, as they allow Publiverd to increase its response capacity with respect to the delivery of stands, furniture, and materials to fairs throughout Europe. With excellent transport links, the corporate headquarters, launched last September, has a floor wholly dedicated to the storage of materials, and enjoys enormous logistics capabilities, with two floors dedicated to the entrance of goods trucks.

The availability of space in the printing area now allows Publiverd to assemble and test stands in their own facilities; in particular the modular design structures of the Imago range. Furthermore, Publiverd is preparing the launch of a showroom in which to show clients elements and materials for the purchase or hire of stands, such as metal structures, materials, and furniture.

The launch of the new headquarters has also been accompanied by strong investment in latest-generation printing machinery. These instruments also allow the finishes on stands to be improved within tighter cost restrictions, by achieving significant economies of scale through the integration of services.

“On an internal level, our new headquarters has meant a leap forward for Publiverd –said Antoni Bononad, managing director of the company–; we have gone from around thirty members of staff to over fifty, and from one to five meeting rooms, in order to work in greater comfort, and provide excellent service for our clients”.

“The availability of a room dedicated to training is also of special importance to us, through which we can boost our traditional focus on people and the training of our teams in all senses”, he added.