Publiverd stands for IFFA and Vitafoods 2019

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18 July, 2019

Publiverd stands for IFFA and Vitafoods 2019

Different international fairs were on last May, and Dextail was once again able to take excellent stands to their halls.

IFFA 2019

IFFA 2019 Frankfurt, the main meat industry, which takes place every 3 years, had another edition in 2019 with over 900 exhibitors.

Publiverd took its stands to the different corridors of the hall, showing off unique designs, full of imagery, with polished finishes and perfect use of lighting.

This was achieved thanks to the conceptualisation of ideas and the creativity of our designers, who were able to create excellent designs to create and make the presented stands.


Diseño Stands Publiverd IFFA - Frimaq
Dextail Stand for Frimaq.


For another year running, Publiverd was able to attend the Vitafoods Europe exhibition in Geneva, one of the most important fairs in the Bio-Nutraceutical sector.

Publiverd had the opportunity to take modern stands to the exhibition venue, providing our clients with high-quality designs, once against showing the professionalism and excellence offered by our service.

Diseño Stands Publiverd Vitafoods - Arjuna
Dextail Stand for Arjuna.


Diseño Stands Publiverd Vitafoods - Solutex
Dextail Stand for Solutex.


Diseño Stands Publiverd Vitafoods - Laboratorios Virens
Dextail Stand for Laboratorios Virens.

We continue working day by day to deliver stands that meet the needs of our clients, strengthening the trust placed in us in each project.