Stand Design

Stand Design

Exhibitors at an exhibition want visitors to be attracted to their stand. To achieve it, Dextail offers free design proposals for your stand, a visual and communication concept that takes into account the location of your stand in the hall and the place where it will be built, so that it stands out from those around it. We design unique atmospheres that leave a positive impression on visitors so that they feel comfortable while they talk business. While you are displaying your products or explaining your services, they will be surrounded by a design that matches your corporate identity and communicates your values. This is how we make sure each fair is always a success. Our work method is aimed at achieving it from the first sketches. At Dextail we have over 25 years of experience designing stands that transform the objectives of our clients into experiences for visitors.

Corporate identity
Exhibition needs
Drawing study
Free design proposal

Designs to communicate

To design the best stand for each client, we prepare by finding out everything they need. Even though the aims of exhibitors tend to be displaying new products and standing out from the competition, we always pay attention to the details of what they want to communicate to generate greater impact and help them as much as possible to capture visitors’ interest.

At Dextail we gather all the information provided by the client, from their corporate image to how they want to use the space, and we get involved from the start, suggesting options that could help with their objective. We place the experience of our team of professionals at your service to make sure the results are excellent.

Unique stands

We have designed stands for exhibitions throughout Europe, but they are all different, tailor made according to the needs of our clients. We study the stand’s location in the layout and its surroundings to identify the strong points that can make our clients’ space stand out. We think of the walls and floors, the structures, upholstery and decorative garden elements, and all other elements that create a more attractive stand for our clients.

We know our visual elements greatly contribute to a more welcoming space that also stands out. This is why the stands designed by Dextail incorporate graphic elements that make the stands more attractive and use lighting to create the perfect environment for any situation.

Innovative stand design

We look after every detail so that stands are always different. We focus our design on the objectives of our clients so that achieve positive results at the exhibition and ensure they come back to us for the next exhibition. We work to respect their identity and adapt to the space to make sure the result is practical and comfortable. In addition, we aim to design an experience, so visitors leave a good impression after visiting one of our stands.

Free Stand design proposal

We offer a design tailored to your needs

Diseño de stands

Creative eye-catching designs

At Dextail we look after all the details, so the end result is always spectacular, regardless of size.

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