Sustainable Stands: Innovative Design for an Environmentally Conscious Future

Today, sustainability has become a fundamental pillar in all aspects of our lives, and events are no exception. At Dextail, we are proud to be part of this shift towards a more sustainable and environmentally responsible future, ensuring that, every day, our activity has less impact on the planet.

In this blog, we tell you how sustainability can be effectively integrated into the design of stands for trade fairs, events or congresses, providing not only an ecological advantage but also a competitive advantage that makes the difference in every event.


Committed to sustainability in our designs

At Dextail we are committed to the constant search for innovative solutions, implementing sustainable practices in all aspects of our projects, from stand design and choice of materials to transport and dismantling. All with the aim of minimising environmental impact. Our commitment to sustainability is more than a choice, it is our philosophy.

Sustainable materials: Beyond design

In the construction of our stands, we opt for materials created with the most sustainable options on the market that meet the highest quality standards. We use FSC-certified wood and recyclable materials to ensure that each stand makes a positive contribution to the environment.

Re-use and recycling; Modular designs, sustainable solutions

We create stands with modular structures that can be reused at different events, minimising the need for new materials. At the end of their useful life, we ensure the responsible recycling of each component.


Social Impact: Ethical Work, Empowered Communities

We collaborate with local artisans and apply ethical practices in the manufacture of our stands, contributing to the sustainable development of communities.

5. The future is Sustainable: Join the Responsible Event Revolution

Dextail stands are not only visually stunning, they also reflect our commitment to a better future where sustainability is a priority. By choosing us, you not only get unique and quality designs, but you also join in building planet-friendly events.

Join the sustainable revolution! We are waiting for you.



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