The Logistics Behind Trade Show Success: Comprehensive Stand Services


Many companies attend a trade show to gain visibility, make contacts and keep up to date with the latest developments in the industry. However, for the event to be truly successful for the brand, there is one crucial factor that often goes unnoticed but is of utmost importance: logistics.

If you are considering participating in the Food Ingredients Europe 2024 Fair, stay tuned to read this article in which we talk about the factors that influence good logistics, the most common mistakes that are often made, and how Dextail can be your solution.

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The Importance of Logistics at Trade Fairs:
Logistics is essential to ensure that all materials and products arrive on time and in perfect condition at the venue. Poor planning can lead to delays, damage to materials and a poor company image. Therefore, it is vital to consider several factors:

1. Transport of Materials: From proper packaging to the selection of the means of transport, it is very important to choose reliable carriers and ensure that the materials are well protected during the move.
2. Time Coordination: Trade shows have set schedules for stand set-up and dismantling. Proper coordination with suppliers and transporters is essential to meet these deadlines.
3. Documentation and Permits: Logistics also includes the management of all necessary documentation, such as customs permits, transport insurance and accreditations for access to the fairgrounds.


Common Mistakes:
1. Underestimating the Time Required: Many companies do not allow sufficient time for logistics planning and execution, resulting in delays and last-minute problems.
2. Lack of Communication: Lack of communication between the logistics team and the event organisers can cause miscommunication and errors in the delivery and set-up of the stand.
3. Failure to Consider Contingencies: Not having a plan B for possible unforeseen events, such as transport delays or customs problems, can seriously affect participation in the fair.

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Dextail: Integral Solutions
At Dextail we are aware of the importance of good logistics when participating in a trade fair and therefore, as an agency specialising in the design and assembly of stands, we offer comprehensive services for our clients’ peace of mind, which include:

– Customised Design and Production: We create customised and unique stands that stand out at any trade fair, using high quality materials and innovative techniques.

– Production Management: We coordinate and supervise the production of your stand in the factories.
– Planning and Logistics: We take care of coordinating all logistical aspects, from transport to set-up and dismantling, ensuring that everything is ready on time.
– Complete Support: From conceptualisation to dismantling, we are present at every stage of the process to ensure that everything goes according to plan.



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